Project Brief + Design Prompt

The Dirt on Series is a sub-brand of Daily Harvest that highlights the brands partnered farmers from around the globe. The in-depth stories are meant to help inspire and demystify sustainable growing practices.

Worked as lead visual designer along with the art director and copywriting team to develop The Dirt Series.

As its own microbrand within Daily Harvest, the Dirt is built on it’s own set of systems. Using subtle monotone colors and legible san-serif font allows for the content series to be adaptable, allowing for each unique story to provide the rich colors and textures for creative.

From Farm to Final Product

Healthy &

Building Around Each Story

One of the important parts of building out the Dirt series was to make sure farmers and their stories took center stage. Whether the focus is on worker empowerment or unique growing processes, each ingredient story is as unique as the farms they come from.

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Taking the Show on the (Dirt) Road

The final product of The Dirt manifests itself throughout multiple parts of the brand from Instagram stories and email blasts to quarterly mailers.

Putting it all Together

The landing page is where it all comes together. Using graphics, photography and deep dives with our partnered farm owners to deliver authentic storytelling moments.

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