Project Brief + Design Prompt

Brought on as an internal brand designer to help kick-start the Together Fund, a sub-brand of social media app IRL. Tasked with the physical manifestation of upholding IRL’s mission of growing local communities.

Collaboration between Notanad, MetaLab and the internal IRL Experiences team.

The Together Fund branding is meant to be an extention of the IRL app. Open, accessible and trustworthy, it is an inclusive space to all, The visual identity invites users in with vibrant colors and organic shapes.

Crafting a Strong and Playful Universal Palette

Healthy &

URL to Help Empower IRL

The Together Fund was put together at IRL as a program to help amplify rather than replace human connection.  From casual hobbiests to dedicated experts, the grant prides itself on acting as a support system for budding local communities.

Creating Parity within the Visual Language

From the start, it was important that visuals would reflect the app as a human-centered product, bridging the gap between app utility and the communities it supports.

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Working with Community Activators

With the rollout of the Together Fund, a group of community leaders were hand-selected by the IRL team to lead the first wave of grant recipients. Each  individual exemplified what it meant to be a positive force in their respective communities.

Launching Together Fund

Along with first launch of Together Fund grant recipients New York Nico, a landing page was created to give active users an easy portal to submit proposals for.

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