Project Brief + Design Prompt

Home to a curated herbal pharmacy, vegan cafe and the most advanced healing modalities in the wellness arena, Kollectiv is a world-class in the heart of the New York City’s East Village.

The project is an-going collaboration with the in-house Kollectiv team to create printed assets and campaigns.

Inviting and timeless, with a touch of luxury. The Kollectiv brand balances matte textures, embossed elements and lush bronze hits that compliment the immersive oasis located in the heart of New York City.

Crafting an Experience

Healthy &

Educational Event Spaces

Along with being a lush wellness space, Kollectiv actively hosts events and talks from world-class experts of all backgrounds. Creating a design system that could accommodate and grow with future programs was top of mind when executing the final brand book.

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Finalizing the  Brand Book

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